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Who Are We

360 Ledger Services is the name behind me.  My name is Peter Gray, I have been a freelance bookkeeper now for over 4 years with my own business. Before this I was 16 years working in general practice as a qualified by experience accountant and auditor, in and around Glasgow. It is during these 16 years that I gained a great insight into how accounts work, and what your accountant is looking for at the year end.


Why did I leave the comfort of employment? Well to be quite blunt I did not feel like I was really helping anyone, stuck in a cubical churning out accounts day in day out. I now go out to my clients and feel that I make a difference.


Like you I love what I do and have specialised in bookkeeping and advising on the use of new software and technology. I am proficient in:

Sage bookkeeping packages
Cloud software
(more specifically Xero and Kashflow but can work with the multitude of other cloud software that is out there)
Stand alone cloud invoicing software like invoice2go
(I can create bespoke spread sheets that have helped my clients with saving their very valuable time)


All this can sound very high tech so please don’t let it put you off calling me, as I will deal with anything, I will draw the line at hand writing books as I see this to be too old fashioned and it’s something that will cost you a lot of money in the long run.


My core beliefs and what you can expect from me.
Below are a list of my core beliefs and what you can expect from me, these will become apparent the more you work with me:
I form part of your business and become part of your team.
I was always brought up to be honest and this is something I am proud to bring into my business and to you.
I believe that one person cannot be great at everything. That is why I have a team of specialists to help assist my clients. (Wages specialists, Tax specialists, and a team of accountants for producing Limited company accounts.)


To help grow my clients business I have made introductions between them which has benefitted all parties. I am also well connected within the Glasgow networking community and quite often help clients out with cost reductions etc.


Who is best placed to give you the best tax advice? Your accountant. That is why I communicate with your accountant. I give them the figures they need to help you. You should be getting proactive tax advice from your accountant.
Listening is key to getting the best from my clients.
I like to meet up with my clients after I have done some work for them, to discuss the figures and get answers to the anomalies I have discovered.

You love what you do, so do I. Why should you use me as your bookkeeper?

It can take the stress of preparing your bookkeeping yourself after a hard days work.

It can save you hours of wasted time of going round in circles with your paper work, duplicating information and wasting your time.

It gives you time back so you can concentrate on getting more business in.

Its good to talk, and horrible brown envelopes from HMRC can add that extra worry on you, speak to me to ease some of that worry.

My services is an overhead to your business so consider this, what is your time worth as you are saving your valuable time hiring me.

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And start relaxing as your books are in safe hands


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