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It is much easier to create a desert than a forest
But with 360 Ledger Services working with you, anything is possible

Our initial free consultation with you will highlight what I can do.

This will include:
Purchase invoice processing
Sales invoice processing
Bank and cash processing
Reconciliation of the creditors control account
Reconciling banks, credit cards and factors accounts
Reconciling vat account
Reconciling Paye account
Reconciling wages control account
Credit control and the processes around this
Vat returns. I can also submit these on your behalf as well.
Management accounts
Software advise
Clearing large backlogs of over a year
Producing a year end file for the accountant and also collating invoices of interest through out the year which I think your accountant will want to see.


This last point is quite handy as your accountant really only wants the minimal amount sent to them and we will scan everything they are needing and send it to them digitally.


We usually like our clients to produce their own sales invoices and send them , as these can be quite personalised and industry specific, and because we are not there all the time it could mean a delay in getting your invoices out, and we don’t want that to happen. We can help you make the process less painful and quicker for you.

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