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Bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping services

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Who are we

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New clients are often embarrassed or even ashamed of their financial records and can feel intimidated speaking to professional bookkeepers. Does this sound like you? If so just phone or email me, we are ready to listen, help & understand. So let's meet for a coffee and a chat.

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About 360 Ledger Services

The Bookkeeping Specialist


My name is Peter Gray, owner of 360 ledger services, and I have had a passion for business and helping business owners for over 20 years. I started my career preparing accounts and vat returns, for all sorts of businesses, within general practice for 16 years, which moved towards auditing at the latter end of my employment.


I started my own practice in early 2011 with clients throughout Glasgow, Hamilton, East Kilbride and South Lanarkshire.

In this time we have helped a wide range of companies with their bookkeeping and systems to try to ensure they keep as tight a control over their finances as possible.


I have used many accounting software packages, and we are fluent in:

Sage bookkeeping packages
Xero (now a certified adviser)


So what can we do for you? We have been involved with a multitude of business sectors these include:

Cafes | Wholesalers | Children's entertainment | Investment properties | Dental Lab | Television and Radio
Mortgage brokers | Flower shops | Construction | Hi-Tech internet businesses | Franchises
Website and app developers | Dress makers | Roofing contractors | Scaffolding | Energy assessors


I have seen the majority of my clients grow their businesses when they removed that extra burden of preparing their own books. Why do something you hate and are really not very good at doing? That's not the reason why you started your own business.


We will help you so you can get the right information to us on time. it can be as easy as taking a photo of a receipt and emailing it to us. It does not take much time and you will never loose that receipt in the washing ever again.


Please take a little time to read some of my Case studies. These are real life situations that I have helped with.


Whilst you are looking through my site also take a look at the 5 minute bookkeeping blogs they all have helpful tips that will help you in your business.


Contact us now for your free initial consultation. I will give you something to take away from that meeting that you can implement into your business to start saving you time right away.

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When I started out in business in 2011 I had a very traditional view of what my business should look like and how I should go about it and what software I would be using. During these early years I dipped my toe into cloud software and to be honest I was not that impressed […]

Building Blocks To Success
September 13, 2015

There are various key factors to the success of a business. A great sales process, good internal processes and knowing your finances. There are many more but I would definitely like to focus on the finances. All too often small businesses like to use cash, customers also like to pay cash, in the belief they […]

Why should you outsource?
September 2, 2015

Since becoming self-employed I have learnt the value of outsourcing bits of your business that either you are too busy to maintain, do not have the specialist knowledge to make good use of it, or you find the task so mundane that you let it slide. Why spend a load of your time on a […]