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One of my pet hates as a bookkeeper has to be the emailed invoice or even worse the downloadable invoice. It is hard enough to get clients to gather invoices together for me to process all in one go, without having to get back to them and say what is missing. It clocks up time […]

For me bookkeeping is all about proof that you have purchased tax deductible expenses. If you don’t have the proof, you don’t get the deduction. There are some simple processes you can put in place to be able to capture all of them. Bank account. Open a bank account just for all your business expenses. […]

I recently got into a discussion about why bookkeeping fees were more than the accountants fees. I have worked both sides of the divide and even I sometimes look at my fees and try to compare the two. So I thought it would be good to outline the difference. The accountant is generally there for […]

You will be surprised at the lack of data protection small businesses give themselves. The key questions you should be asking yourself are: Have I stored my data off site away from my offices? What happens if my office is flooded or burnt to the ground? How often have I backed up my data. This […]

Credit Control
May 14, 2015

Have you got your customers on a short leash? I do get a few clients wanting advice on credit control. Not all businesses will tackle it the same way, as we all have different client bases, but all systems have the same core themes. Consistency. Always be consistent. If you say you are going to […]